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shotnet - less is more

  • little space required,
  • reduces the range area (minimizing the shooting on the operating sector and thereby reducing the area by about 50% compared to  a rampart construction)
  • no costly displacement of soil to build a rampart
  • no cost for seals and wall-coverings of surfaces or terrain
  • minimal planning and engineering costs
  • lower construction costs with fixed price guarantee
  • short construction period of only a few weeks
  • lower expences to obtain a licencebecause shooting stands and infrastructure hardly ever need changing,
  • Security areas can be completely shielded

The  footprint of a roughly 16-meter high embankment has a width of 40 to 60 meters  With a rampart-length of only 150 meters and a width of 50 meters, will be needed at least 7500 sq.m. area. Shotnet is founded on foundations with a width of approx. only 5m. Therefore, the system only only 750 square meters, = 90% less space and 90 % less costs for the ground.